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Mommy Molds/Castings

Creating YOUR look!

Belly castings/bowls are a popular pregnancy keepsake and prop for newborn photos because they are a beautiful illustration of both a mother's emotional and physical connection with baby. A belly cast can also become a "forever keepsake" to be enjoyed across generations. Passing the cast to your child when they enter adulthood or parenthood is a great way for them to always have a piece of your relationship forever!  

How does it work?

Submit designs or ideas you have, and together we will customize it to fit your personality or theme! If you're having trouble with ideas I'm here to help! I'll ask a few questions about mommy-to-be, the pregnancy journey, colors, etc. to make sure it's the right fit for you! 

After the consultation design drafts will be sent for approval.

Pricing: Begins at $75 (rate depends on the design)


Painting Portfolio (Examples)

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